Affordable Housing in Lake County, IL

Lake County Affordable HousingBed to Sleep In

Has there ever been a time when you did not have a home or a permanent address? Home an important way we organize our lives.

A home address connects you with public services, a neighborhood, and a community. Home is a safe place to rest, to connect with family, to organize and prepare yourself for the tasks of work and school.

Having no home, or depending on family or friends for a place to stay, is chaotic and disconnecting. Where do my kids go to school? How do I apply for a job with no address? Will I still have a place to stay next week?

There is not enough affordable housing in Lake County, Illinois.

052016 Lake County ELI housing graphThis graph by Urban Institute shows that the space between what is needed and what is available is growing. Go check it out.

The number of extremely-low-income households has grown from under 10,000 households in 2000 to more than 16,000 households in 2013. It looks like the available housing has not increased.

To afford rent on a 2-bedroom apartment in our county, a household needs to earn $21/ hour at a full-time job. Two full-time jobs at minimum wage (earning $16.50 together) are not enough to pay rent for a family of four!

What can you do to help?

  • Read and listen when there are stories in the news about affordable housing policy or homelessness.
  • Support organizations like Cool Ministries and PADS Lake County that are working to support people who need housing.
  • Encourage policies to create more affordable housing in our county.

When everyone has a place to call home, it benefits all of us.