If you have been touched by the work being done through Living Justly, please consider a small donation to sustain it. Donations go to Bethel Lutheran Church in Gurnee, which has long supported this work in many ways.

All funds support continuing education, resources (lots of books!), technology and other tools. Your contributions are also a great encouragement.

Ways to give

There are three simple ways to support Living Justly – mail a check, give online with Give+, or give online through Paypal. Details follow.

Mail a check to Bethel Lutheran Church, 5110 Grand Ave., Gurnee, IL 60031 Write “Bridges” on the memo line.

Give online via Give+ app. Church name: Bethel Lutheran Church Fund: Bridges

Give online via Paypal by sending money to my personal account. This option is not be tax deductible. I will forward any donations to the account at Bethel. Send money to Susan Squires, susan @ Note: Bridges

Any way you are able to give, Thank you!