Keeping Our Eyes Open

photo by Yamon Figurs

Do you sometimes wonder what you can do to make a difference? I believe that if we keep our eyes open we will see opportunities to love our neighbors who are living in poverty.

Here are two great stories about seeing the opportunity to live justly –

A college student in Alabama saw an elderly man struggling to mow his lawn and stopped to help. That moment of kindness has grown into a mentoring program for young men who volunteer to mow lawns for people who need help.

A church in Garland, Texas fought payday lenders in their community.  The church heard that the city council was considering legislation against the exploitative lending practice, church members showed up at the council meeting. “When Garland’s city council came to debate the issue, dozens of Springcreek church members crowded into the chamber to make their views known.”

We can work for justice and act with kindness by keeping our eyes open to the needs and opportunities God sets before us.