Recommended Watching: Poverty

There are many excellent resources online to help us understand poverty and God’s call for us to pursue justice alongside the poor. Here are some videos that stand out for me.

Ms. Hutchinson is an advocate for the poor who has lived in poverty herself. Here she testifies about the ways American public policy can trap people living poverty even if they are able to work full time. We must correct our story of what poverty is and what is causes it. This 6-minute video is not to be missed.

The Generosity video from the Bible Project is a beautiful picture of Christ-motivated generosity.

This 6-minute video explaining the federal policy of redlining, which I regularly use in teaching Bridges Out of Poverty, concisely describes both the race-based policy and the wealth-building consequences.

Even though we may have been reading the Bible our whole lives, we may not yet see clearly God’s heart for justice throughout the Biblical narrative. This video helps us to see it.

The past year has brought us a rich collection of documentaries revealing the intimate suffering of poverty. This is one of 2 hour-long films about families in poverty from the PBS Frontline series.

I LOVE THIS FILM. The Florida Project is a feature-length movie told from the perspective of a young girl living in a hotel. She is a smart, fun, and resourceful child living as “the hidden poor” – she has a bed to sleep in but not a home. Discovering the dangers of her family’s life on the margins through her eyes is powerful.