Available workshops

Bridges Out of Poverty

Bridges Out of Poverty book cover

What people are saying: “I found this workshop helpful to increase my compassion and understanding for people in poverty. The class is engaging, interactive, and makes you think about attitudes and assumptions.”

When: October, special online workshop for CASA Lake County

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Be the Bridge: Whiteness 101

When white people begin to work against racism, we often discover we have a lot to learn. This resource introduces four important concepts: white supremacy, white fragility, white identity, and white privilege — all in the context of our Christian identity. Discussion guide available here.

When: September – November, private online discussion group.

Where: Available via Zoom.

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When Helping Hurts

We love our neighbors and we want to help people who are struggling in poverty. What kind of help is truly helpful? Together we will think about how to love and empower our neighbors who are living in poverty, by the power of Christ.

When: None scheduled right now.

Where: Available via Zoom

Contact me if you’re interested in When Helping Hurts.